Security Beyond Borders 8

This website is dedicated to sharing global security and risk information to help individuals, organizations and communities make reasonable decisions regarding their safety and security. The site aims to become a learning tool for the general public and security professionals. It will cover topics like Security Awareness, Travel Security, Crisis Management and Risk Assessment. The site is intended for a world-wide audience with unique content, travel advice; links to security news, videos, and podcast. It will broaden the security best practice discussions; as well as analyze the impact of geopolitics, and geo-economics on our global security.

The site will feature daily posts (original content) and links to security breaking news sources. The purpose is to fill a gap in open information gathering sources that dynamically interpret the myriad global security risk signals. As a security practitioner, I share a duty to increase global security awareness and empowerment of resilient individuals, organizations and communities.

Security Beyond Borders is edited by Francisco Mateo a security practitioner with over 10 years of people and assets protection experience.

6 Responses to “About”

  1. Yash Pal Sharma,CPP Says:

    First hit to the site.
    Amazing,useful and unique one window solution for security practitioner like me.

    Sincere wishes and thanks for this.

  2. ipenforcement Says:

    Awesome site Francisco. All I can say is WOW! I will come back later this afternoon when I have a couple of hours just to scratch the surface of this thing!

    • sbbcentcom Says:

      Nils, thanks for the feedback. This site has steadily become a raison d’être…my way of communicating the importance of security in our society. I see you have a great site yourself. You’re welcome to look around!

  3. Eric Miceli Says:

    Great stuff my friend, it’s very hard to find a site with great content in our line of work.

    Hope all is well.

  4. Paul Chaves C. Says:

    Interested of newsletter or similar updates.

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