Fraud & Corruption Around the World

A selection of fraud and corruption news article from around the world. I do suspect that fraud reports are more prevalent from countries where there is greater scrutiny of white collar crimes, of course there are exceptions.  For instance I have spent time in the Dominican Republic, where fraud and corruption are endemic at all levels in this small island country in Latin America (Caribbean) yet you rarely see any reports of such public and private corruption anywhere except the Transparency International or the Economist Intelligence Unit reports.  Impunity leads to censorship and you know how the rest of the story goes. Despite how many people perceive fraud and corruption (White Collar Crimes), it is not a victimless crime.  For proof just look at the strips of poverty that skirt the otherwise ever growing patches of opulence around the city of Santo Domingo. Not very different from any other LatAm city.  The root causes are there in plain site, but life in these impunity laden cities goes on as normal.   

New Zealand‘s ‘Madoff’ jailed after stealing millions to spend on prostitutes  

First major banking arrest under fraud Act

Bad debts and fraud drive Bradford & Bingley’s £196m loss

British directors arrested in bribery inquiry  

UPDATE 2-Innospec to pay $40.2 mln to end bribery probes

CFO Sink’s Staged Accident Sweep Results in 19 Arrests Statewide  

Verdict on China Rio trial on Monday, Australia says

Russian bribes nearly tripled despite economic crisis – official report

Russian officials involved in multimillion-dollar bribery scandal with Daimler

Ex-IKEA Boss Bares Russia’s ‘Chaotic Reality’

Pfizer Told to Pay $142.1 Million for Neurontin Marketing Fraud

New Fraud Cases Point to Lapses in Iraq Projects