Global Security Glossary – K –



Kevlar: the trade name of a special woven cloth used in bullet-proof vests. It works by stretching upon bullet impact, spreading the bullet’s energy, and stopping the bullet before it penetrates.

Kickback: money or something of value given to an employee by a vendor or contractor in exchange for a consideration. Also, money paid by an employee to a supervisor or third party in exchange for continued employment.

Kidnapping: unlawful transportation of a person without his consent, or without the consent of his guardian, if a minor.

Kidnapping coverage: insurance against the hazard of a person being kidnapped. For example, a business may obtain such coverage to protect against the loss consequences of an employee being seized outside the insured premises and forced to open the premises or a safe therein or to give information which will enable the criminal to do so.

Kidnap-ransom insurance: insurance written usually for major corporations that are likely targets of kidnap-ransom crimes. The insurance generally covers named employees for individual or aggregate amounts paid as ransom, with deductibles requiring the insured to participate in a percentage of any loss.

Kleptomania – an irresistible propensity to steal.

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