Global Security Glossary – G –



Gelatin dynamite: a type of commercial dynamite made of nitrocotton (collodion cotton dissolved in nitroglycerin) and nitroglycerin gel. It is usually sticky and rubber-like in appearance.

Geopolitics: refers to the study of political relations between three types of power (states, intra-states – e.g. separatist movements, and trans-states – terrorist networks and multinational companies) in relation to geographical factors (physical geography, identity geography and the geography of resources).

Glare projected lighting: security lighting that projects light into the face of the potential intruder, and protects guards by keeping them in comparative darkness.

Globalization: refers to the growth of interconnectivity that has been taking place since man moved out of Africa about 1.6 million years ago. Such increased interconnectivity has resulted in greater economic, political, and religious flows across cultures and countries. More particularly, globalization refers to the continuing economic, technological, social, and political integration of the world that followed World War II. Major benefits have been its effect on world trade (which more than doubled as a proportion of nominal world gross domestic product between 1960 and 2000) and significant reductions in the costs of shipping and communication generally.

Global positioning system (GPS): a triangulation system where signals are sent and received back and forth, through a central monitoring system, from a set of 3 to 12 or more geostationary satellites orbiting above the earth. These signals allow for exact location of a selection position.

Graft: coerced or voluntary payments made to influence public officials.

Gross earnings: an accounting term which is arrived at by subtracting the cost of goods sold from the total sales.

Gross minus – the accumulation, during a sales period, of all negative amounts (such as refunds, allowances, or discounts) entered or calculated in sales transactions at the point of sale terminals.

Gross plus: the accumulation, during a sales period, of all positive amounts (such as merchandise prices, taxes, or discounts) entered or calculated in sales transactions at the point of sale terminal.

Gross profit: net earnings before expenses.

Guard plate: a piece of metal attached to a door frame, door edge, or over the lock cylinder for the purpose of reinforcing the locking system against burglary attacks.

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