Five-fingered discounts? Not in the US

Two divergent trends came under scope recently. Apparently and contrary to popular belief retail theft has decreased by approximately 6.8 percent in the US compared to 2009. The downward trend is credited to an increased spending to reduce the amount and scope of shrinkage.  This is of extreme importance to all shoppers since retails pass losses sustained do to retail theft onto their legitimate shoppers, adding an average of $186 to every family’s shopping bill. That is a huge dent for most during these tough economic times.

Elsewhere around the developed world however, trend held steady the opposite way. Countries like India, Brazil, South Africa and France Britain and Germany shoplifting has continued to grow albeit at a lower pace. Despite these developments, The US apparently leads the way in terms of magnitude of loss standing at approximately $39 billion dollars in losses, followed by Britain with losses standing at a far removed $6.6 billion.

As some wise guy once said “the truth is in the pudding”

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One Response to “Five-fingered discounts? Not in the US”

  1. Bruno Pavlicek, MS, CFE Says:

    The U.S. decrease in retail theft comes somewhat as a suprise in light of the fact that unemployment is still high and with bad economic conditions, normally theft and fraud increase. Nevertheless, it is interesting. I wonder if the extra money is being spent on proactive retail store analytics, corporate education, or prevention measures?

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