Privacy Matters – Part II

On this second installment, we discuss privacy issues related to ATM’s, network devices; social media’s latest (Snafu) bout with lack of privacy protection and transparency; Latin America’s “devil’s paradise” personal information bazaar, as well as some advice on wireless network protection for your defense toolkit and moe. If you’re keen to these patterns, you’d notice from this maelstrom of exploits how our everyday life is constantly compromise via various illicit schemes.  The fabric of our society’s technological systems has been cunningly hijacked. Our must effective means of defense is awareness, because through it we can device reverse engineering countermeasures. AV and other commercially available protection systems can only go so far. In the meantime the bad guys are free to profit from our self-imposed ignorance.

Hacker develops multi-platform rootkit for ATMs

In 5 years over 94,000 #counterfeit #Cisco networking devices seized by law enforcment.

Fast-Spreading P2P Worm Targets USB Drives

Network World (05/05/10) Dunn, John E.

Facebook’s lack of privacy:

4 things Facebook doesn’t tell you about your privacy and security

Personal cellphone data end up for sale at Mexico flea market

Printer dots raise privacy concerns

Wireless Security: The Basics

Is your web cam spying on you?

How To Nab Identity Thieves:

Cars’ Computer Systems Called at Risk to Hackers

New York Times (05/13/10) Markoff, John

Electricity: The New Math

‘Smart’ Meters Know When You’re Cooking, Cleaning; How About Dinner at 4? (This is all good and dandy as a savings tool, but who’s to say it would not be used for illegal spying on home activities)

Nobody encrypts phone calls. or


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