Smart Phone Hotel Room Key – A Hack Waiting to Happen?

You know the old bit about how security is about trade-offs (convenience for a bit of your privacy) as soon as I saw this headline alarm bells started to flash about possible exploit of the smart-phone hotel room key option. That’s because data stored in smart-phones has become notoriously unsecured, therefore, in the name of convenience you could potentially be rendering access to hotel room burglars. Any time you hear that new high tech solution has been implemented for your convenience take it with a grain of salt. Time and time again we’ve seen how new software is written and implemented circumventing traditional low-tech solutions that took years (even decades) of security innovations to get to where it is at. I’m not saying that this is not a promising innovation, old hotel room keys have had their issues (personal data stored on magnetic stripe, including credit card info used to create clones), but users must ensure that proper safeguards would be put in place to prevent unauthorized entry  to your hotel room using your stolen data.

Smartphones to be used as hotel room keys:


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