Clever Criminal Tactics, Matched By Investigator’s Wit

The explosion of communication technology has sparked many clever criminal tactics in recent times. From common criminal elements to syndicated criminal organizations have been early adaptors of cutting edge technology to leverage their illicit activities by directly exploiting the technology for gains or using it as a tool to further other criminal schemes—mobile phones comes immediately to mind.  Truth-be-told criminals have shown a propensity to adapt to technological advances faster than law enforcement organizations. The evolution of mobile networks from analog to digital has given way a number of platforms (SMS, e-mail, etc.) loosely connected and not-so-well guarded global data networks, which have been manipulated for illicit activities.

Public and private Investigators around the world have been forced to come-up to speed; often learning on the fly and adapting to these criminal tactics. One popular way many investigators have been able to trace communication leading to illicit or criminal activities is through the cell phone triangulation. Investigations that relay on a person’s exact location at the moment a criminal act is committed require access to cell towers, which must be obtained from mobile phone service providers—many jurisdictions require a court order to avoid running a fowl of due process laws.  Criminals are also aware that their activities can be traced in this way, so they actively try to thwart these efforts by using disposal SIM cards and other schemes.  Most recently criminals have also try to create alibis by false flagging SMS messages.  Police agencies are aware of these tactics and have made this information standard knowledge to look for during crime scenes investigation. How long before other criminal elements attempt to cover their tracks through this clever stratagem….

Text Messages on Rise as Alibis:

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