High Stakes in the Protection of Corporate Secrets

Two headlines caught my attention recently. First WikiLeaks the open source intelligence dynamo has been making headlines with the release of a most shocking video which they were able to decrypt using borrowed supercomputing time.  On the other hand, there is a March Forrester research report on the state of protecting corporate secrets. Considering the reports findings that “Compliance, not security, drives security budgets…Firms focus on preventing accidents, but theft is where the money is” and you tying the fact that activist organization like WikiLeaks can pry open government secrets with such great dexterity; can you imagine what can happen to corporate secrets using the same means. Perhaps we’re witnessing that information power is shifting to the people. I have only one thing left to say: corporate grifters beware.

Is This the Future of Journalism? Why Wikileaks matters.  BY JONATHAN STRAY

The Value Of Corporate Secrets, How Compliance And Collaboration Affect Enterprise Perceptions Of Risk


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