The Name Of the Game is “Situation Awareness”

By Francisco Mateo

 I recently engaged on an interesting discussion on a social network group. The topic happens to be the security precautions, or the lack there of, some very rich VIP’s should take when staying at luxury hotels.  I thought I share this comment with you as we’re all guilty of “false sense of security creep” at one time or another:   

“My assessment of the situation based on reports would basically focus on the fact that the perp created an affinity with the victim along ethnic lines by speaking to them in Spanish; this made the victims lower their guards in a false sense of trust. When the perp later returns to allegedly fix the AC, their guards were all the way down. Against all judgment and when all kinds of bells should’ve went off they opened the door allowing the perp to consummate the well planned robbery.”

 I do not want to focus on the fact that a luxury hotel facilities as this one have a duty to provide proper levels of security to their customers as that would open up another can of worms, but the fact remains that a VIP is viable to lower his/her guards on account that such luxuries surroundings ought to have their security squared away.  For the most part that is true, but their defenses are no match for clever swindlers who planned with ample anticipation.  

Being rich, or perceived as rich, adds a level of risk to your profile during travel


4 Responses to “The Name Of the Game is “Situation Awareness””

  1. Rashida Gilleland Says:

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  2. Antonetta Susswein Says:

    Can not be told better, thank you.

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