Happy New Year!

May this 2010 be the year of happiness, prosperity and good health for you and all the members of your tribe.  It’s time to look deep inside and reach for that optimism that has laid just beneath the surface throughout the most trying year in quite some time.
I want to take this opportunity to remind regular and new visitors to this blog of the information resources available through links and subject-matter-expert researched article, published throughout 2009.  The blog is dedicated to advancing knowledge in the global protection of People, Assets, Reputation, and Brands (PARB), by applying the right Strategies and Tactics.  Both security practitioners and a lay persons would find a wealth of information here to make their protection situation more resilient. The site is broken into five rubrics: Risk Management; Security Awareness; Travel Security; Crisis Management and Global Security Glossary.  The aim is to organize the information logically into areas of expertise that would make a significant impact to those who choose to apply it.  I encourage you look around and more importantly contribute with your comments and suggestions for improvement.  Expect great things from the site throughout 2010.
Francisco Mateo
Security Practitioner, Editor

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