The Geopolitics of Climate Change II

In light of COP 15 this week and the tacit accord reached yesterday, this report from NPR caught my attention:

Pentagon, CIA Eye New Threat: Climate Change

By Tom Gjelten

 Global warming is now officially considered a threat to U.S. national security.

For the first time, Pentagon planners in 2010 will include climate change among the security threats identified in the Quadrennial Defense Review, the Congress-mandated report that updates Pentagon priorities every four years….

Read more and listen to the podcast:


2 Responses to “The Geopolitics of Climate Change II”

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    […] key area of risk related to owning a boat is the potential for facing natural disasters.  Climate change is perhaps the most talked about global issue along with the peak of energy resources.  But what […]

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    […] prosperity in emerging economies. It is under these scenarios that a wildcard, according to expert, climate change impacts would become pervasive, wide-ranging and affect the core systems of our society: […]

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