The Changing Security Landscape

Detroit: Where Private Security Is Booming (Via Global Guerilla)

Privatopia sighting in Detroit.   From Time magazine: “Cooper, 29, is a private-security detective, one of many who patrol once prosperous enclaves like Palmer Woods, Boston-Edison and Indian Village. With the city’s police force cut more than 25%, private security appears to be one of Detroit’s few growth industries. Local precincts are overwhelmed with shootings and other violent crime, leaving companies that supply home protection with long customer waiting lists. “People put a premium on security when unemployment and crime go up,” says Larry Dusing, founder of Dusing Security & Surveillance, which has expanded into three neighborhoods…. Members of the Historic Indian Village Association, a local residents’ group, share the cost of private security — about $30 per household each month. Association president Doug Way, 42, moved to Detroit with his wife seven years ago and fell in love with Indian Village’s 19th century manors, built for the city’s emerging industrial barons. Footing the bill for private security is almost like paying an extra tax, he acknowledges, but it’s worth the cost.”        NOTE: At some point, in the not too distant future, security becomes a national service that you pay a subscription for (like health insurance). It will be branded, available in select locations, and include high tech gadgets from panic buttons to video capture devices.


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