Scams & Swindles

The best way to learn from a mistake is to learn from others that have lived through it.  That has been an important life lesson I learned early on in my life.  Here are a few tips about scams so that you don’t have to learn the hard way:


So far, this is what may have happened:

You have received profits on time, perhaps more than once.

You have invited others to join the investment on the basis of your results. (You have now become a middleman to a fraud.)

The time comes for the 3rd or 4th disbursement of profits, but there are delays.

You are told the profits have been delayed, or you cannot get your money back, or the transfer of funds has been delayed because:

x of a bank error.  The (insert the title) will fix the mess and re-submit.

x the officer encrypted the wrong transfer code and the funds were returned by one of the correspondent banks.  The Trader will fix the mess and re-submit.

x the (insert the title) has pneumonia (the flu, broke his leg, had an accident, was mugged, whatever) and is in the hospital.  The funds will be disbursed as soon as he gets out.

x the (insert the title)’s mother (father, uncle, sister, wife …) is in the hospital (dead, heart-attack …).  The funds will be disbursed as soon as he gets back. 

x the bank is going through an annual audit and/or a bank merger, so all transfers are temporarily frozen.

x one of the investors/attorneys/whatever contacted the bank and asked a lot of questions.  The bank is angry and has frozen the money or the disbursements.

x the Trader has gone to an important banking conference and the funds will be disbursed when he returns.

x the SEC (FBI, Treasury Dept., Banking Commission, whatever) is performing an unwarranted investigation of the investment.  Funds will be transferred as soon as they are satisfied.

x the Trader is in Europe (Asia, Middle East, Moscow …) trying to settle a problem caused by (any number of things) and it may be a while before funds can be disbursed.

x there is no trading after about the middle of November until the middle of January because those are not international banking days for trading.

x the currency market is down, the shifting of the exchange rate, the fall in the Japanese stock market, the September 11th tragedy, the current recession, the imminent fall of the Tower of Pisa, etc. has made conditions unfavorable for profitable trading at the moment.  We will have to wait until international conditions are more favorable.

x Our personal favorite: The fund is now full and we are not accepting any more applications. 

x The fund is now in the process of developing profits and disbursements will begin soon.

 x and excuse #14: you have to send more money.


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