The Geopolitics of Climate Change

Are we witnessing an increase in the intensity of weather events and disasters related to climate change?  I’d like to think it’s all hype, but when the US Intelligence Community is considering climate change; changing weather patterns and rising sea level as part of military planning for the first time this year, we all should at the least be concerned. The big picture question is, could it lead to worst disasters, even war? According to Amanda Dory, Dep. Asst. Sect. of Defense/Strategy, the implications of climate change could be likely triggers.

2 Responses to “The Geopolitics of Climate Change”

  1. Jarrod Says:

    This short film lays some of the stark realities of climate change:

  2. Water Scarcity Through the Looking Glass « Security Beyond Borders™ Says:

    […] Enough has been discussed about climate change from a scientific point of view, but what are the security implications of a warmer planet on the long run. Looking over the horizon, one of the issues that we often hear […]

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