Somali Piracy Goes From the Surreal to the Ridiculous

Interesting article from The Strategist, the whole idea of Somali pirates seeking legal representation from London lawyers during kidnapping and ransom negotiations appears to give the international crime of piracy an uncomfortable sense of normalcy, which should not be tolerable.  I hope the security consultant who suggested it is just being a funnyman. It’s certainly no laughing matter to the victims

London law firms and Somali piracy

Note: I’m researching companies that provide ship owners and marine insurers with security, crisis management and legal services to help them deal with the Somali piracy threat.

You’re a ship owner. One of your ships is sailing through the pirate-infested waters of the Horn of Africa. You get a call – Somali pirates have hijacked your vessel and its crew and are demanding a hefty ransom. What to do? Ring Xe (aka Blackwater) and get them to send in a hit team of mercenaries, right?….


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