There is a Cyberwar going on out there, and we’re the Collateral Victims

I want to start the week by focusing on online security awareness.  Many factors in our society today have combined to form a perfect storm of online scams using clever ploys.   The scams are so widespread that according to CSO’s Zulfikar Ramzan “The effects of cybercrime are far reaching. It would be a difficult task to find someone who has never been affected by malicious Internet activity, or who does not at the very least know someone who has been negatively impacted by cybercriminals”

“Oh what a tangled Web We Weave, when first we practice to deceive” Avoiding such scams is not just about sophisticated security software or timely updates, although that does help plenty. But the truth of the matter is that sophisticated social  engineers or identity thieves consistently stay one step ahead of our best defense tactics, despite the institutional efforts to bring cybercrime under control. We stand in owe at their sophistication, while the seed money that funds their evermore advance operations comes straight out of our pockets. Humankind evolved out of necessity, and so must our thinking about online victimization.   Our security posture requires us to be more, well “Hinky”, about it all.  I can only describe this as a combination of security awareness and intuitiveness; splashed with plenty of common sense about cybercrime.   


2 Responses to “There is a Cyberwar going on out there, and we’re the Collateral Victims”

  1. Amanda M. Says:

    I agree with your post. Please take a look at our website ( We are tackling this massive global cyber crime threat. Most people have been effected, but they don’t know it’s a 250 billion dollar industry. What a mess. Good post.

    • sbbcentcom Says:


      Thanks for the link, you’re work is right on. It’s time we all do something against the growing threats.

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