Traveler’s Scam targeting victims @ Bangkok Airport

Hello fellow travelers.  Here again to warn you about one more scheme targeting tourist at international airports.  I can’t tell to what degree there is collusion between duty free shop staff, airport authorities and police to perpetrate this malicious scam, but victim accounts made them responsible for their ordeals.  If you’re travels put you at Suvarnabhumi Airport beware of the risk to falling victim to this scam.

The report brought to my recollection a scheme I became aware of in some Latin American airports.  It consists of Customs officials passing information about the amount of money you declared on the form to criminals alone with the victim’s description.  You’re then intercepted at an opportune time on the road away from the airport. Though not declaring the amount of currency you carry would likely get you a large fine or worse, land you in jail, if caught, you are advised to take precautions and practice situational awareness.  Protect yourself by arriving during daylight; arranging private transportation from a reputable provider well in advance; ask for the name and description of the driver and then cross check with official ID upon meeting at the airport exit. You can find more travel security tips on this site.


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