July’s Counterfeiting By The Numbers

Did you know that approximately $90 million in pirated and counterfeit goods have been seized in July 2009 alone?

Italy seizes millions in Chinese counterfeit goods ($28 Million approx.) http://tinyurl.com/lpcrer

BoC seizes fake imported goods from China ($5.7M approx.) http://tinyurl.com/lxn8uj

HP and Dubai Police seize fakes worth Dh70 million ($19 million approx.) http://tinyurl.com/lhnvbu

Police seize $340,000 in counterfeit clothing from Newport News merchant http://tinyurl.com/nqz5ys

Customs seizes $1.1 million of counterfeit jeans at port http://tinyurl.com/nkt7k2

Police: NYC bust nets thousands of fake goods ($10 Million approx.) http://tinyurl.com/nefmo3

60,000 Russian DVDs Seized At 4 Shops ($400K approx.) http://tinyurl.com/mjvh39

100,000 pirated CDs seized including MJs songs ($147K approx.)   http://tinyurl.com/kjjav2

Cigarettes worth over £1m seized ($1.7M approx.)http://tinyurl.com/krp7j3

ATF seizes 12 million counterfeit Marlboro cigarettes made in China ($500K approx.) http://tinyurl.com/mlhm4j

Counterfeit medical products seized in Lesotho INTERPOL-supported operation ($500K) http://tinyurl.com/ns7ppy

Fake and expired drugs seized; counterfeit and expired drugs were seized in Kenya’s Eldoret Town and a suspect arrested in a crackdown by the Pharmacy and Poison Board ($1M approx.)  http://tinyurl.com/nemhkd

Raid Nets Over 26,000 Pieces of Counterfeit Tiffany Jewelry ($2.6 M approx.)  http://tinyurl.com/kpjlox

Seven million cigarettes seized ($5M approx.) http://tinyurl.com/l5txg6

9m cigarettes are seized at docks ($6.7M approx.)  http://tinyurl.com/ly6x6b

Malaysian police bust video piracy ring ($600K approx.) http://tinyurl.com/l5ejl5

Police arrest, charge man after seizing over 15,000 pirated DVDs – Mt Pritchard ($450K) http://tinyurl.com/ldnhx3

P40M worth of counterfeit goods seized ($840K approx.) http://tinyurl.com/nblf7w

£3m in fake goods seized ($5M approx.) http://tinyurl.com/ld73cl



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