Executive Protection

“Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown”

William Shakespeare

A very telling quote indeed, I would add that very valuable among the king’s men are those that can help take the edge off constant worry about safety and security. The art and science of personal protection practitioners remains in the hand of only a handful of talented experts.  The rest of us security professionals would do well to learn from the best since Personal Protection is an exacting science that requires skills, mental and physical dexterity. 

I particularly like to learn as much as I can about personal protection. Though I not a Specialist I am often find myself coordinating the work of these dedicated professionals.  Much time is spent separating the wheat from the chaff as not all specialists are equally qualified.  Security generalists like me need to know as much as the specialists to ensure against corporate security reputation loss from a screwed-up protection detail. 

I leave you with the following video from CNN International about a day in the life of Personal Protection Specialists

Chasing Down a Dignitary: Security and Communication in Pakistan  http://tinyurl.com/nvkoxb


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