Security Awareness

Good security awareness commentary from blogger Kai Roer, European information security professional:

What security pro’s do while waiting for the plane:

I am spending quality time at an airport again. The bar serves one of my favorite beers – Guinness. And as in all bars in an airport, there are plenty of other people who mend their thirst with alcohol. Like this bloke across my table. I know his name, The Company he is with, what he does there and similar info. He knows nothing about me. This is not uncommon, mind you. Getting people to talk is simply a matter of listening. Asking the right questions. Buying another beer. The same mechanisms you play when picking up someone on the town. So why do I care to write about it this time? This blue eyed man with light blond hair, a tendency of loosing some of it on the top, and a face that could belong to a 25 and a 45 year old. Resting carelessly on the chair, his Dell XPS laptop on the table and his beer in his hand. Midlevel executive, perhaps big accounts sales guy. He is another security guy. And now I know his story. The story of his customers, what he did in this country, where his favorite office is and who they are currently combating in court. I must admit it is very tempting to spill his gut all over my blog, but I do not believe he would learn anything at all. So I will only ask you – that is you, not him – to remember that keeping your mouth shut comes with the job. Even when you drink a beer at a foreign airport. Who knows – perhaps I where paid by your employer to check how much you talk? Then you would know. What if I where a competitor? A customer? Someone who see an opportunity? Awareness is not only for the others. Awareness is for us too. Right?

Thanks Kai….


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