Honduras’ Political Crisis

In Honduras, President Zelaya’s overzealous attempt to force an unpopular poll on Sunday has destabilized his already fragile government with most of the political establishment opposing this attempt to prolong his stay in power.

President’s Zelaya’s lack of tact when dealing with dissenters to his plan has provoke a political crisis, which has come close to disgorge into a coup.  There is heavy military presence on the streets of Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula and other cities. 

The political instability may impact Honduras’ already weak economy. The risk to mayor companies is high. Many multinationals are on the planning stage of their evacuation of expat staff plan. According to reports over the last few days people have emptied store shelves stocking up on food and other product ahead of possible unrest.  To make matter worse, an already constrained police force has been relegated to distribute ballots for this Sunday’s poll.  Lack of police presence on the streets and shrinking stocks available on stores increases the risk of looting and hijacking, among other criminal activities.

Travel Advice

  • Avoid demonstrations and rallies due to a credible risk of unrest; do not stop to watch or photograph them.
  • Monitor the local media to keep abreast of developments ahead of the referendum.
  • Avoid sensitive locations where protest activity is likely to occur at times of heightened political tension

WSJ: Honduras Crisis Opens Regional Rift  http://tinyurl.com/nyhtxg



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