Building the security culture

Why do most employees ignore Clean Desk policy?

Despite the increasing need for most organizations to protect confidential information through policy and enforcement, employees continue to disregard the call.  Excuses abound; many claim that corporate downsizing has left a burgeoning work load, which allows little time to secure electronic or print information when they leave the office or cubicle.  Others don’t see leaving sales figures on their desk as a blatant risk when they’re surrounded by trusted co-workers.  Security Awareness con go along way to build a security culture and instill in employees a sense of duty, but it along would not move the staff to full compliance. 

Perhaps we can to work-out a strategy with HR and line managers to make employees accountable for clean desk policy through their performance objectives. Another idea is to reward the employees with the cleanest desk and advertise them as the “picture of success”; a powerful device use in some sales organizations. Everyone loses when confidential information is leaked out to your competitors, through oversight and accountability we gain more muscle to fight against information loss.


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